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Hi! I’m Michelle Boss, a Personal Finance Coach, Educator, and Wellness Advocate. ​​

I believe there is a large lack of personal finance education in our public education system. I founded The Money Boss to help address that gap, one individual, family and organization at a time.

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Corporate Workshops
Corporate Workshops | Michelle Boss | The Money Boss | Bay Area | 360 web designs
Corporate Workshops

Lunch-and-Learn Series & Financial Wellness Workshops

One-on-One Coaching
One-on-One Coaching | Michelle Boss | The Money Boss | Bay Area | 360 web designs
One-on-One Coaching

Individuals, Families and Business Owners

Speaker Engagements
Speaker Engagements | Michelle Boss | The Money Boss | Bay Area | 360 web designs
Speaker Engagements

Annual Personal Finance Fair, Youth Outreach & Education

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What is Financial Literacy?

What is Financial Literacy? “Regardless of income, people need financial literacy. That’s as true on the low-end as it is on the high-end,” Michal Grinstein-Weiss, professor of social work at Washington University.​ According to the…


My Passion for Teaching Personal Finance
“In school, we are never taught to save, grow and manage money to reach lifestyle goals! In many families, we don’t even talk about money, or if we do, it’s in a negative way. I’ve seen several of my co-workers, friends and family over the years - many college educated - not know how to balance a checkbook, lose their home to foreclosure, suffer unnecessarily because they were underinsured, go bankrupt, struggle to buy a home, work for themselves without proper permits and licenses, have absolutely zero retirement savings, emergency savings or college savings for their children, or were just outright terrified of dealing with paying their monthly bills. I decided to dedicate my career to teaching Personal Finance when I realized that I could help SO MANY people by INSPIRING them to take ACTION towards their own well-being. Everyone should know how to manage their money for peace of mind and financial wellness, (LIKE A BOSS)!”

Michelle Boss, Founder of The Money Boss