How can you help me / my family / my organization?
I am here to help with a variety of topics that prevent costly financial mistakes, burden or stress. Children and teens, recent college graduates, newly engaged couples, and adults in various stages of life all can benefit from personal financial education and coaching. Financial stress in the workplace can be distracting, and affect not only employee engagement and productivity, but your bottom line as an employer.  Effective Financial Education as part of your Corporate Wellness program for employees can increase: recruitment, retention, stability and morale, while dramatically reducing: stress, sick days, and health care costs.  What better way to show your employees they are valued than by providing them lifelong financial skills?  This information is wanted and appreciated.
How much do your services cost?
As presentation topics, length of presentation and audience vary widely, prices for workshops, speaking engagements, or courses vary based on what you are looking for and where you are located.  With more information on what I can help you with, I am happy to provide a detailed, timely proposal for my services.  
Are you a Financial Consultant?
I teach topics on Personal Finance with the goal of creating motivation in participants to take action towards their financial well-being.  Although I am happy to share my personal finance strategies, I do not give investment advice.  I am not a Certified Financial Planner or broker selling financial products.
What are some of the topics you teach?
If you have something specific in mind, just ask- the topics on Personal Finance are endless.  Some examples include: Account Management Credit Management Debt Management Investment Basics Saving and Investing for Retirement Saving & Budgeting for College Talking to your Teen about Money Household Budgeting Car Buying Home Buying Risk Management & Insurance Entrepreneurship What to do with a Sudden Inheritance or Lump Sum Presentations can be customized for specific need groups as well:  adoptive parents, diminished capacity, caregivers, retirees, recently divorced or widowed, low/limited income earners, workplace re-entry...

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