The Money Boss is a small business serving those seeking to improve their financial life and money management skills. Founded by Ms. Michelle Boss, we believe in Financial Literacy For All. As educators and coaches, we seek to motivate people into action to take positive steps towards their financial well being – wherever they may be at.

It has been said that, “Financial literacy is the civil rights issue of our generation.” (John Hope Bryant). Indeed, personal finance education is largely lacking from our public education system. Money management is something that affects everyone, everyday. No one should live with worry or fear over their money, or be at a disadvantage because of their lack of money education.

We are effective Money Coaches that empower and get results! We deliver high-quality Workshops that are fun and transformational! We are powerful, engaging Speakers that can help promote your financial literacy efforts!

Personal Finance really is interesting and a much easier subject than many we study in high school. How can it be that so many people – from all walks of life – are so stressed about money?

“Financial concerns are reported to be the single greatest source of stress,” according to Michal Grinstein-Weiss, a professor of social work at Washington University.

This is why I am dedicated to helping coach and teach others about Personal Finance. Money affects us all throughout every stage of life.

My dad is a retired CPA (Certified Public Accountant). My mom is a retired Public Elementary School Teacher and Bookeeper (among many other ventures). Coming from a numbers-oriented background, I have always followed my dad’s guidance to start saving early, and been “lucky” enough to make the “right” moves and end up in a good position. ‘Lucky’, because even during difficult times I have been able to avert my own financial disasters, sometimes through no fault or planning of my own…


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It was once I gained interest in Robert Kiyosaki (a family friend introduced my brother and I to Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Cash Flow game), and Suze Orman’s personal finance teachings, that I realized there really was so much I had never been “taught”. Over many years, seeing co-workers, friends and family – many college educated – go through terrible financial consequences, I realized it wasn’t just me. In our society these days, we are largely lacking any sort of Personal Finance Education!
I have a degree in Psychology and graduated from the University of the Pacific Magna Cum Laude with recognition as an Outstanding Graduating Senior in Psychology, and a Minor in Business Administration. In addition to LOVING Personal Finance, I have experience in Real Estate, investing, learning about and advising thousands of businesses as a Merchant Account Representative selling credit card services, managing a team of up to 200 in Retail, and owning my own businesses.
​I am a Certified Financial Education Instructor, CFEI, through the National Financial Educators Council. I have studied Ayurveda – the Science of Life, an Eastern medicine – for the last several years. I have a blended family and am the mom of two children, two step-children, all between the ages of 7 and 17.

I am also a member of the Livermore Chamber of Commerce and the Pleasanton Chamber Chatters Toastmasters. I am dedicated to continuously learning to improve my own Personal Finances, and to my professional growth and development.

This all gives me a unique perspective on how we each relate to money. I am here to help you stop struggling and start thriving.

“​Nothing is more personal after family you love, than money.”

John Hope Bryant