Personal Finance impacts every individual of all ages, each with our own unique set of experiences and relationship to money. There is a significant psychological influence on how we deal with our money. In addition, most people rely on family, friends or salespeople for information when making major financial decisions – not always to their benefit.

I am a dedicated Financial Wellness Advocate and Certified Financial Education Instructor, CFEI. I use NFEC Curriculum which incorporates Common Core Standards. All consults are professional and confidential. I care about relieving your stress and suffering related to Personal Finance.

Please call me to discuss what I can help with.

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Boot Camps

Open enrollment sessions can accommodate groups such as high school clubs or classes for personalized, professional education and guidance. These sessions are goal-based and action oriented, with accountability measures and long-term follow up included.

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Families & Individuals

Short-term issues, or longer term planning, The Money Boss can help with the OVERALL picture and provide education, encouragement and accountability as you take the steps to get to where you want to be.

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Work for yourself or want to , but don’t know where to start? It is overwhelming and can be intimidating. I help entrepreneurs through all of the steps to get a business up and running; become compliant and legit. You are smart and talented- don’t give up on your dream!

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Corporate Wellness

A customized Lunch-and-Learn Series is an ideal perk to help employees feel empowered and secure. Maximize workplace engagement, retention and and satisfaction.

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Speaker Engagements

Format, topic(s) and length of presentation can all be customized to meet your needs. Ideal for credit unions, local banks, Realtors, PTAs, school and community clubs, professional organizations or business mixers.

ENTREPRENUERS | Michelle Boss | The Money Boss | Bay Area | 360 web designs

Community Education

Potential LARPD, ROP, Las Positas and Ohlone Jr. College Course Offerings,Assemblies, Classroom Presentations & Workshops

Corporate Wellness

“Financial concerns are reported to be the single greatest source of stress,” Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Professor of Social Work at Washington University.

Provide a Money Boss Lunch-and-Learn Series for your employees! Fun and productive time spent learning practical information that every employee will value and appreciate. The Money Boss can help with goals such as increasing employee contributions to a 401k program, or increasing engagement in the workplace. By providing independent, non-biased education on a variety of lifelong learning topics, you can help reduce financial stress your employees may feel and distract them in the workplace.

An employee with peace of mind and confidence in their finances will feel stable and ready to contribute at their peak. Financial Literacy classes are also an excellent way to recruit and retain talent. This Marketplace article further highlights the idea of offering financial wellness programs as a job perk.

Every Money Boss Lunch-and-Learn Series includes:

  1. A Discovery Meeting to identify your specific program goals.
  2. A detailed plan and discussion on program execution and how that will meet your specific program goals.
  3. A pre-course employee survey to best customize the curriculum and class groupings, as needed.
  4. Pre-and post course testing to measure effectiveness towards your program goals with a comprehensive Results Summary Report, and
  5. Follow up options for long-term measurements and coaching opportunities.

*Interactive media to compliment course topics is also an option.*